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Central PA is home to some gorgeous scenery you'll want in your scrapbook. Here are the spots we think you should visit.

Maybe you want to add a few landscapes to your home art wall, or perhaps you're overdue for family pictures. May is National Photo Month, making it the perfect time to update your photography collection. Check out these scenic spots around the Susquehanna Valley that are ideal for snapping a few photos. Our real estate agents know that these locales will provide a terrific backdrop for your photos.

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Bird Watching Around Central PA - CENTURY 21 Mertz & Associates

As you shop for a home in Central Pennsylvania, you're likely to become enthralled by the landscape: low mountain ridges, the many wooded areas with stunning fall foliage, as well as the broad, shallow waters of the Susquehanna River. Nestled in the scenery, you may find just the right home from Lewisburg homes for sale, or perhaps in the surrounding area. 

Regardless of where you end up, our real estate agents highly recommend visiting the local parks and wilder trails for a little birdwatching — recently noted in The New York Times as surging in popularity since the pandemic

  1. Bald Eagle State Park - 149 Main Park Road, Howard PA
    As the name implies, you can glimpse a majestic bald eagle here. But you can also see many other species, all the way down to the small, drab but distinctively marked worm-eating warbler (it gets its name from feasting on caterpillars). Also spot magnificent predators in forests; colorful and diverse water and shorebirds in the marshes and lakes; and in the meadows, the ruffed grouse and wild turkey. You're just 40 miles from this rich habitat when you settle in Millmont homes for sale.

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Holiday Home Sale - CENTURY 21 Mertz & Associates

The holiday season may not seem like the most ideal time to sell a home. After all, many people hunker down in place during the winter months, are too occupied with the holidays to think about preparing their homes for sale, or want to avoid the hassle of moving during the cold season. And with the coronavirus pandemic still affecting many aspects of our lives, this holiday season is going to be a strange one. If you had planned to sell your home by the end of 2020, you might be tempted to put those plans on hold until next year. However, our real estate agents have closely examined the current housing market conditions and believe home sales may be up this holiday season compared to years past.

  • Demand is Strong
    When states started shutting down in March, home buying and selling went dormant for a while. But since lockdown restrictions were loosened up, buyers made a strong comeback to the housing market. In fact, the summer saw record-breaking home sales when compared to last year. Traditionally, there are few real estate transactions in fall and winter than in the spring and summer. But this year looks solidly up, and the number of home sales during the holidays is expected to stay high compared with other years.

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