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Looking for a home in the Susquehanna River Valley? Lewisburg may have all you need.

Though some think of Lewisburg as primarily a college town, the residents know this historic city is a terrific spot for anyone to call home. Our real estate agents also know that the town has a lot to offer potential residents. Check out a few reasons you should plan a move to Lewisburg.

  1. Lewisburg Has a Thriving Downtown
    Downtown Lewisburg is popular with the town's residents for multiple reasons. The downtown area is dotted with three-globe lampposts that cast a lovely glow and offer an elegant ambiance throughout this charming area.

    There is a variety of family-owned businesses in downtown Lewisburg that make it a terrific spot for shopping, dining, and cultural activities. Multiple festivals are held throughout the year in downtown Lewisburg, including the Heart of Lewisburg Ice Festival and the Lewisburg Arts Festival.
  1. Lewisburg is Located in a Rural Area
    While a rural locale might not seem like a plus, Lewisburg's location means that residents can enjoy the natural beauty of the Susquehanna Valley while remaining a short driving distance to larger metropolitan areas.

    When you're looking at Lewisburg homes for sale, you'll notice that there are a lot of property types to choose from, including townhomes, historic homes, and homes with a lot of land acreage.

    Much of the land in Lewisburg is undeveloped, ensuring that homes and commercial buildings don't detract from the region's natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere.
  1. Lewisburg is an Affordable Place to Live
    Lewisburg's affordability means that it's an ideal town for students, retirees, and families who are interested in relocating. The cost of a home in Lewisburg is cheaper than the nation's average home price. There are also tax advantages available for retirees to make living in Lewisburg even more affordable.
  1. Lewisburg Has Something for Everyone
    Whether you enjoy listening to live music, spending the day outside in nature, or exploring a new boutique, Lewisburg is sure to have an activity that appeals to your interests.

    The Susquehanna River Valley offers multiple opportunities for outside recreation, including hiking, kayaking, bird watching, and fishing. Stop by downtown Lewisburg to check out a new shop or indulge in your favorite type of food. Or, travel to one of the nearby sports arenas and cheer on your favorite team.
  1. Lewisburg Experiences All Four Seasons
    If you can't envision living in a town that doesn't have four seasons, Lewisburg is a terrific spot to make sure you experience everything each season has to offer.

    Autumn in Lewisburg is spectacular, thanks to the trees overflowing with fall leaves and the crisp temperatures. The winter months usually bring a decent amount of precipitation, including snow and ice. There's usually enough winter precipitation for residents to take part in winter sports, like sledding and skiing.

    However, Lewisburg has also a large number of sunny, warm days, especially during the summer months. Summer days in Lewisburg can be hot, with temperatures in the 80s or 90s, making these months an ideal time to cool off with a swim.

If you want to experience everything Lewisburg has to offer, it's time to make this inviting town your new home. Ready to start your search for your Lewisburg home? Contact us today!