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A healthy, more eco-friendly lawn is not only attainable, but it can even be easy. Here's how you can start.

You want your yard to look its best, but you're concerned about exposing your family and pets to a host of potentially dangerous chemicals commonly found in lawn care products. Fortunately, there are multiple organic ways to enhance the appearance of your yard without turning to traditional lawn care techniques.

In addition to being safer for your household, organic lawn care is also better for the environment. Our real estate agents suggest following these tips to make your lawn care more organic.

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Looking for a home in the Susquehanna River Valley? Lewisburg may have all you need.

Though some think of Lewisburg as primarily a college town, the residents know this historic city is a terrific spot for anyone to call home. Our real estate agents also know that the town has a lot to offer potential residents. Check out a few reasons you should plan a move to Lewisburg.

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