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If you're selling your home, you should be prepping for the appraisal. Here's where to start.

You've found a potential buyer for your home, and it's time for one of the most important components of the home selling process: the home appraisal.

The home appraisal can bring your home sale to a screeching halt if your house appraises for a value that's lower than anticipated. Our real estate agents suggest following these steps to make sure your home is ready for the appraisal.

  • Complete Repairs or Upgrades That Will Cost Less Than $500 to Fix
    If you're trying to figure out if it's worth it to complete a repair or upgrade an item in your home, follow the $500 rule. Seemingly small items detected by the appraiser will usually reduce your home's value by $500 for each issue. Taking care of these issues ahead of time prevents your home from losing thousands of dollars in value.
  • Let the Appraiser Know About Any Improvements You've Made
    Make sure that you let the appraiser know about any improvements you've made, like painting, renovating your kitchen, or replacing your old HVAC system, before adding your home to the inventory of Lewisburg homes for sale. These improvements will help your home appraise for a higher price.
  • Give Your Home a Thorough Cleaning
    Even though you likely gave your home a detailed cleaning before adding it to the list of Catawissa homes for sale, it's essential that your home be as clean as possible for the appraisal. A clean home looks newer and more appealing, helping you maximize your appraisal.

    Wash your walls and kitchen cabinets, dust your baseboards, sweep and mop your floors, shampoo your carpets, and scrub your bathrooms. Don't forget your home's exterior! Consider power washing your siding, driveway, and walkways to remove dirt and grim.
  • Clean Up Your Yard
    Ensuring that your yard and landscaping are maintained will instantly add curb appeal and value to your home. Mow your lawn and bag the grass clippings. Weed eat if necessary, and trim your shrubs and bushes.

    Pull any invading weeds from your flower gardens. If your gardens look a little bare, plant a few colorful, low-maintenance perennials. A layer of fresh mulch is another option to instantly make your home's landscaping look better.

    Check that any toys, bikes, errant lawn furniture, and yard tools are stored out of view.
  • Point Out Area Features That Might Boost Your Home's Value
    Your home appraiser may not be familiar with your neighborhood and the amenities that make your home desirable. Let them know about any parks, stores, or community spaces that might make your home more appealing.
  • Confirm That Your Safety Equipment is Functional
    Not only is non-working safety equipment a hazard to your home's future occupants, but it gives your home the appearance that it hasn't been properly maintained. Test your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, and security system to make sure that everything works properly.

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